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There are three types of insurance claim adjusters: Staff, Independent, and Public Adjusters. Only Public Adjusters work for you, the policy holder, in the negotiation of insurance claims. In most states, Public Adjusters are licensed professionals that are required to pass stringent testing to obtain a Public Insurance Adjuster license. They are required to take continuing education classes to keep their license current. A qualified Public Adjuster should be knowledgeable about insurance policy terms and coverages, the insurance claim and appraisal process, and construction.

Parker Public Adjusting was founded on the belief that every policy holder should have someone working just for them. We're dedicated to negotiating fair and accurate insurance settlements for policy holders. We understand you may not have the time, resources, or knowledge to handle your insurance claim alone. That's where we come in.

We will take care of your insurance claim from start to finish. This includes helping you to file your claim, submit the proper documentation, determine coverage for your loss according to your policy terms, and negotiate a fair settlement amount. We even assist you with the mortgage endorsement process; which can be just as confusing or overwhelming as dealing with the claims process. We meet with insurance adjusters to inspect your loss and handle all communications regarding your claim on your behalf, allowing you to live your life.

After seeing so many people stumble through the insurance claim process alone, and accept unfair or inaccurate settlements, I decided to do something about it.

- Sarah Parker, Owner & Public Insurance Adjuster

Denials, including claims denied based on findings of Engineer's reports 

Repair vs. replacement disputes, including the extent and method

Reviving stalled claims or re-opening claims

Matching and like, kind and quality disputes

Inaccurate or low settlement offers

Disagreement of the scope of loss

Claims that need time extensions

We negotiate for you through some of the most common insurance claim issues:

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