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🥂 A Toast to 30 Years of Advocacy: United Policyholders

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Celebrating the non-profit protecting and advocating for property policyholders like you, nationwide.


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1991: a flier reads, "Community Meeting for Fire Victims"

United Policyholders (UP) was created to fill a need that most property policyholders are not aware of until disaster strikes: the ensuing fight with some insurance companies that choose to wrongfully deny, delay, and underpay policyholders' claims when they are needed the most.

Founders Amy Bach and Ina Delong hosted UP's first community meeting for the victims of the 1991 Oakland Firestorm in Berkeley, California. UP stepped in to help these policyholders start the long recovery process, which included filing insurance claims to begin the rebuilding process for homes, businesses, and institutions. Illustrating the need for their work, some of these fire victims were still fighting for coverage with their insurance companies 20 years later.

Infographic highlighting disaster victim outreach from non-profit United Policyholders
Highlights from 30 years of UP's national, on-the ground disaster victim response and outreach (Click to expand)

Fast forward 30 years from their first policyholder outreach in 1991, UP Executive Director Amy Bach reflected last month on how far UP has come, where it's going, and the selfless contributions of countless volunteers, donors, and partners:

"As another challenging year draws to an end, I could not be more proud of our accomplishments or more grateful to our donors and volunteers. In our 30th year of service, UP continues to score wins for consumers, help people solve financially crippling insurance problems and field a team of expert volunteers and staff that work hard every day to hold insurers to their promises. Through our new and improved website and COVID-adapted Roadmap to Recovery operations in catastrophe-impacted regions, UP is helping thousands of people and businesses across the nation avoid and resolve stressful insurance problems. Our accomplishments are made possible with support from our generous donors, sponsors and powerful partners. Current partners include Fannie Mae, Financial Planning Associations, RCRC, State Insurance Regulators, Legislators and Community and other Foundations. As consumers deal with the impact of the higher premiums and coverage reductions that insurers are putting into place in response to climate change, UP is working to put limits in place to preserve essential protections and reasonable pricing."
Infographic highlighting the achievements of non-profit United Policyholders
United Policyholders: Advocacy in Numbers (Click to expand)

"The time is always right to do what is right"

Echoing this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., UP's many programs include their Roadmap to Recovery™ program, which most recently mobilized to assist disaster victims of the devastating December 2021 tornadoes that tore through Kentucky and surrounding states.

A few of their other resources include their Roadmap to Preparedness program, State by State help, and their Advocacy and Action program, through which they have filed over 550 amicus briefs nationwide to assist in case law decisions that set precedent to protect policyholders.

Going into the New Year, we hope that you all will keep United Policyholders in your plans for your charitable contributions - whether that means a $20 donation to help a volunteer assist a family in need face-to-face, or a $1,000+ sponsorship to cover UP's programs for a year - to help them as they've faithfully helped you, your neighbors, and our country, for over 30 years.

Browse UP's Celebration Gallery

To compliment the beautiful article that Mark Dillman, Esq. of Merlin Law Group (having previously worked for UP) wrote highlighting UP's 30 years of service, we've curated a gallery to celebrate and really bring home just how much of an impact this organization has had:

✨ Thank you, UP, and Happy New Year!

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