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❄️ Are You Ready for Winter? Your Property Claim May Not Be...

Claims have deadlines. Read this article to learn why, and what to do if you have an upcoming claim deadline.

If you have an active property claim for your home, townhome or homeowners association, business, or other commercial property, it's a good idea review your policy yourself, or by a professional, to determine what deadlines your policy contains. You may not know this, but policy deadlines can come in many different flavors:

  • Recoverable depreciation deadline

  • Loss reporting deadline

  • Additional Living Expenses (ALE) or Business Interruption (BI)

  • And more

Long and inclement winters in Northern states can make some exterior property inspections and/or or repairs impossible or difficult, until the next spring.

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Don't forget to review your policy deadlines.

With this in mind, it is important to secure any necessary claim extensions (in writing, s'il vous plaît!) with your insurance company, as soon as possible.

For many claim deadlines, a policyholder or their public insurance adjuster may request and obtain them, but for some specific types of claim deadlines, an attorney's assistance may be required.

Below are some of the shortest repair or replacement deadlines from different Homeowners and Commercial property policies we have seen in Minnesota:

"To obtain the Recoverable Depreciation for the claim you (the policyholder) must repair or replace the damaged property..."
  • Within 180 days from the date of loss

  • Within 180 days from the first (or last) Actual Cash Value payment

  • Within 1 year from the date of loss

  • There are more!

Not sure what any of this means?

It's alright, not everyone handles insurance claims every day (or enjoys it) like I do. If you're a policyholder of a Minnesota property, we're here for you! My team and I are standing by to answer any claim questions you might have.

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