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🎙 Podcast: Commercial Claims Advocate

💎Update 1/8/22: Thank you for 800+ views on YouTube!

Join Vince Perri, Sarah Parker, Brittany Alexander, Esq., and Yuly Ybarra Rodon on the Commercial Claims Advocate podcast:


Multiple perspectives

For the record, I had no part in choosing the title of the podcast; but, if the title is given... 👑

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Vince Perri, the Commercial Claims Advocate's podcast, along with attorney Brittany Alexander, and public adjuster Yuly Ybarra Rodon from South Florida.

Located in different regions of the US, handling different types of first party property claims, and fulfilling different professional roles, we could each offer a different perspective when answering the questions Vince had for us regarding public insurance adjusting, mentorship, client and relationship management, professional education, and more.

Among many questions, Vince asked each of us this:

“Should more women become public insurance adjusters?”

My thoughts? Any person who has a passion, enthusiasm, and the interest in a specific topic should consider it for a profession, or at least a hobby. With higher diversity of perspectives comes a higher probability of new or improved solutions and innovations.

There are apparent differences in perspective and experience between every individual that I consider my colleague or mentor, even between those that might match up with similar demographics. I have always believed that whether someone is just like you, or nothing like you, you can learn something from them.

Perhaps the narrative is this: no matter the ratio of men to women in the insurance industry, any person who actually enjoys talking about insurance should be able to work with their own kind. I’m certain that long-suffering spouses/partners, family, and friends of insurance professionals everywhere agree:

Actual quote from a family member: "Ok, we've hit the limit today for talking about that insurance stuff."

So, if you love learning about first party property insurance and business, enjoy the podcast! No matter who you are, I'm sure you'll learn something new from this entertaining and informative foray into all things public adjusting.

Be well,

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