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📖 True Claim Stories™️: Property Claim Denials and Delays Can Happen...

Ever heard of some outrageous and entertaining real-life examples of insurance claims gone awry? While many, many policyholders each year have a smooth claims experience, some might face unexpected challenges. That's where Parker Public Adjusting® steps in to help, exclusively for #Minnesota #policyholders.

As an industry-leading public adjusting firm, we specialize in property insurance claim management, dispute resolution, and advocacy for policyholders, serving #HOAs and #TownhomeAssociations, businesses, and commercial and private property owners in Minnesota.

Check out our latest video on YouTube, where we bring you a satirical yet true look at why many of our past and current clients choose to work with us.

We hope you never need us, but we're here if you do.®

Please Note:

While we would like to highlight a claim issue that we see often, for the benefit of helping policyholders to become #informedconsumers, it's also important to note that:

→ Not all property claims are underpaid or wrongfully denied. Be wary of any public adjuster that asserts such

→ Coverage for a property claim is determined by your policy language, first and foremost, and property policies do not cover every type of loss. It's important to read your policy

→ When it comes to dispute resolution, hiring a public insurance adjuster is only one possible resolution option, and is not required

→ If you need legal advice, connect with an attorney that specializes in first-party property claims. While public adjusters can be an effective resolution route for many policyholders, and can review and interpret policies (in most states) and assist with a property claim, we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice

→ If you do approach a public insurance adjuster for a second opinion, United Policyholders (UP) has some great tips on questions you might ask a public adjuster.

Watch the video on YouTube:


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