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    HOME → ABOUT → QUEEN OF CLAIMS SARAH PARKER MEET OUR ♕ QUEEN OF CLAIMS®: Founder, Parker Public Adjusting Property insurance claim enthusiast Hopeless optimist CONNECT WITH SARAH Professional Highlights ♕ FOUNDER ♡ GIVING BACK SPONSOR + RISC MEMBER 2020-PRESENT MEMBER MEMBER + BOARD OF DIR. 2019-PRESENT ∞ EDUCATING Claim Pulse ™ “One of the silver linings of the [...] last few years has been meeting and working with Sarah Parker...” HOLLY SOFFER, ESQ: Kellis Soffer LLC General counsel, AAPIA, MAPIA RISC, United Policyholders “One of the silver linings of the craziness of last few years [CoVID-19] has been meeting and working with Sarah Parker. ​ If your goal is to work with someone for whom excellence is the minimum standard, and who is positive, results oriented, smart, ethical, trustworthy, hardworking, and even inspiring, no matter what the task, then Sarah is right for the job! ​ I am constantly impressed by Sarah’s ability to dig a little deeper than most and be creative, and—when necessary—to pull the rabbit from the hat to help her clients, colleagues and friends achieve a positive result. ​ I love working with Sarah Parker on any project.” Get in Touch with Sarah Expert witness, speaker, podcast guest, or other matters Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn (You must log in, first ) DEMAND THE BEST FOR YOUR PROPERTY CLAIM GET the PARKER PUBLIC ADJUSTING advantage TELL ME MORE

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    Solutions, to all YOUR CLAIM PROBLEMS HOME → SOLUTIONS Our select services for private policyholder clients, and professionals After a loss, get the claim help you need ︕ Claims have deadlines. It's important to address claim issues promptly. ​ Recoverable depreciation, mortgagor endorsement, Additional Living Expenses, Suit Against Us, Actual Cash Value... ​ ...If you don't know what these terms mean, you may want to consider working with us. ​ Whether your commercial or residential property was damaged by hail, windstorm, fire, water, theft, vandalism, or any other type of covered loss, you can outsource your claim management and dispute resolution to us. WHAT YOU GET: ✓ Loss valuation and investigation ✓ Negotiation & dispute resolution ✓ Policy coverage review REVIEW MY CLAIM FEE: % OF CLAIM SETTLEMENT The public adjusting process * 01. COMPLETE A CLAIM REVIEW Send us your potential or filed claim, for a complimentary review. ​ We can address common claim issues such as denials, delays, and more. 02. ASSESS DAMAGE + COVERAGE If you work with us, we'll assist with claim documentation and loss valuation. ​ Outsource your claims management to us. 03. NEGOTIATION We will handle claim correspondence and site meetings with your insurance company. We also coordinate with any third-party experts such as contractors, engineers, and more. 04. SETTLEMENT + SUPPORT Once your claim is settled, we'll still be by your side. ​ We can help with supplements (adjustments for unknown claim items), and claim deadline extensions. REVIEW MY CLAIM *based on the general claims adjusting process. Your claim process and experience may differ, depending on your claim and loss details and history, the nature of any claims disputes, and other factors. “I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is dealing with a large insurance claim.” —LAURA AND DUANE FEE: COMPLIMENTARY Before a loss, discover and plan If you are a private client, professional, team, or organization that owns insured property, or works in, the State of Minnesota, and you: ​ ✓ Want to know when, how, and why to use a public adjuster, ​ ✗ Do not have questions about a specific, current claim , ​ ...our Preparedness and Strategy Chat may be just what you need. YOU'LL LEARN: ✓ What a public insurance adjuster is ✓ Leveraging our services, outsourcing your claims process ✓ When and why to consider working with a public adjuster SCHEDULE YOUR CHAT Special Services On a limited basis we may provide expert witness services for select specialty, first-party property claims and losses, for law firms and their clients. ​ If you are looking for a guest author, speaker, etc., our CEO Sarah has a passion for creating and contributing to educational, advocacy, and wellness events, appearances, trainings, research, and more (nationally available, subject to availability).​ BEST FOR: ✓ Expert witness ✓ Guest author or podcast appearances ✓ Conferences, and continuing education classes ✓ Presentations for businesses, professionals, and organizations ✓ Legislative, community, and government outreach YES, LET'S CONNECT FEE: PER QUOTE, OR COMPLIMENTARY LET’S WORK together and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN LET'S DO THIS

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    HOME → RESOURCES PROPERTY CLAIM Resources Things you've (probably never) wanted to know, and (probably) should. We see a big problem... Have you learned anything about property insurance from any source other than insurance advertising? ​ Didn't think so. We didn't remember taking an 'Insurance 101 ' or 'Property Insurance Basics' class in school, did you? P robably not. ​ For any product or service, we think you'll agree: it's a good idea for any consumer to be informed about the goods or service that they are purchasing, and the laws in place to protect the public, and govern fair commerce. Property insurance is certainly no exception. There is a lot more to property insurance and claims than 'saving money on your premiums'. We see the effects of coverage gaps, and underinsurance, and every day in our work .​​ From the hundreds of policies we see each year, we can tell you that the actual coverage language and exclusions in policies can vary greatly, across all premium amounts, insurance companies, and policy types. ​ The links below may provide some helpful resources for you, as a policyholder. Our hope is that you will make the effort to become an informed consumer... That at some point, you might feel confident to communicate and advocate for yourself if you ever have a claim. And, if you need it, you might know when and where to seek dedicated professional claim help. Bookmark this page and keep reading to learn more... Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only. The content is not legal or insuring advice. Parker Public Adjusting does not represent any organization or government agency. Always contact a licensed attorney for legal advice, and a licensed insurance agent or broker, or attorney, for insuring advice. ​ Please read our full website Disclaimer for more information. Knowledge Hub Now, it would be a tall order to try to teach you everything we know about first-party property insurance claims, but we think these resources will help you get a great head start. ​ Browse our curated collection of resources for policyholders and professionals, alike. CATEGORIES: Before a claim After a claim Interactive Consumer advocacy (coming soon! ) The Information Drip SUBSCRIBE LINK IN BIO Get the latest national, and Minnesota-exclusive updates, covering first-party property claims education and tips, news, and more. PROPERTY CLAIM DENIAL? DON'T LOSE HOPE You can leverage OUR EXPERTISE THAT SOUNDS AMAZING

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  • ❄️ Are You Ready for Winter? Your Property Claim May Not Be...

    Claims have deadlines. Read this article to learn why, and what to do if you have an upcoming claim deadline. If you have an active property claim for your home, townhome or homeowners association, business, or other commercial property, it's a good idea review your policy yourself, or by a professional, to determine what deadlines your policy contains. You may not know this, but policy deadlines can come in many different flavors: Recoverable depreciation deadline Loss reporting deadline Additional Living Expenses (ALE) or Business Interruption (BI) And more Long and inclement winters in Northern states can make some exterior property inspections and/or or repairs impossible or difficult, until the next spring. With this in mind, it is important to secure any necessary claim extensions (in writing, s'il vous plaît!) with your insurance company, as soon as possible. For many claim deadlines, a policyholder or their public insurance adjuster may request and obtain them, but for some specific types of claim deadlines, an attorney's assistance may be required. Below are some of the shortest repair or replacement deadlines from different Homeowners and Commercial property policies we have seen in Minnesota: "To obtain the Recoverable Depreciation for the claim you (the policyholder) must repair or replace the damaged property..." Within 180 days from the date of loss Within 180 days from the first (or last) Actual Cash Value payment Within 1 year from the date of loss There are more! Not sure what any of this means? It's alright, not everyone handles insurance claims every day (or enjoys it) like I do. If you're a policyholder of a Minnesota property, we're here for you! My team and I are standing by to answer any claim questions you might have. ☕ Warmly yours,

  • 📑 What is a Declarations Page, and How do I Read it?

    (🎮 #interactivelearning) Learn why “dec. pages” for Commercial, Homeowners, Townhome/HOA, and other property policies are important to you! Your property policy starts with your Declarations Page In this article, you'll learn about something called a Declarations Page, which are a section of property policies. I know... At this point, you may be thinking: But trust me: making the effort to be an informed insurance consumer is important. I see the results of coverage gaps, and underinsurance every day, in my work as a public insurance adjuster. Now that you know the importance of the topic, let's first look at the basics of an insurance contract, commonly known as an insurance policy. Yes, your insurance policy is a contract. Treat it like one! Would you agree that it's probably a good idea to read, and review a contract, before you sign it? Well, many people have never read their Homeowners, Commercial, or Businessowners policies, and those are all contracts. Today, is a great day to start that habit! Explore this interactive mockup of a Homeowners Declarations Page! DISCLAIMER This is for general informational purposes only, and is not legal or insuring advice! This is a simplified mockup of a fictitious Homeowners insurance declarations page, and does not contain every variable your property policies' declarations pages might have. Every declarations page can look different, and be structured in different ways, depending on the type of property insurance, the insurance company, your chosen coverages, and more. For for your own property insurance, be sure to connect with your licensed insurance agent or broker if you have specific questions about your declarations page and/or policy. Looking for more resources?

  • ✨ FC&S - The Adjuster’s Best Friend

    Meet your new best friend: FC&S Expert Coverage Interpretation. Professional, first-party property insurance resources that can help you digitize your work, obtain a designation, get expert coverage interpretation, and much, much more. There are many truths within the insurance industry - one is that good faith and fair dealing is a requirement of any carrier; another is that ambiguities in a policy are construed in favor of the insured, and another is that knowledge is required of every insurance professional. The industry values knowledge highly, and multiple educational designations are available to professionals. Along with education, professional references are also important. FC&S Expert Coverage Interpretation began 93 years ago as Fire, Casualty, & Surety Bulletins (FC&S). In 1929, Edward J. Wolgemuth, founder of The National Underwriter Company, developed Fire, Casualty, & Surety Bulletins (FC&S) as a reference source for the property and casualty industry. It contained analysis of standard policies and one of the first features was the ability of subscribers to submit coverage questions for the editors to provide unbiased answers. Originally published in print form in large binders updated monthly, Fire, Casualty, & Surety Bulletins became known as FC&S Bulletins, and then as FC&S Expert Coverage Interpretation. The first electronic version of FC&S was developed in 1989, and the platform was most recently updated in 2019. FC&S provides multiple resources for insurance professionals, written by professionals with decades of experience. Within FC&S you’ll find analyses of the ISO policy forms, where policies are broken down and explained in depth. What do the definitions really mean? What is covered and excluded? Where are there exceptions to both coverages and exclusions? Likewise, as these policies are updated, the differences between policy editions are highlighted. These differences often change what coverage is available, making it easy to determine if the change made is a broadening or reduction of coverage, or simply a clarification of coverage intent. Copies of these forms are also available. There are discussions of broad insurance topics, such as what is collision within both commercial and personal auto policies, how a state insurance department works, and articles explaining credit scoring, autonomous vehicles, marijuana, e-cigarettes, drones and other emerging risks. Litigation is also a major issue within the industry, and there is a weekly article discussing a recent case involving insurance coverage. Likewise, there is a weekly fraud article that highlights someone recently caught trying to defraud an insurer. One of our most popular features is Ask the Experts. Subscribers may submit questions concerning coverages on any policy form. The editors will review the question and provide an unbiased, objective answer. Many subscribers use these answers when dealing with situations where they are unsure of coverage or when coverage has been denied. FC&S has been quoted in multiple court cases over the years as providing reliable coverage interpretation. What’s really interesting with the questions is how a slight variation in a claim scenario or a change in policy language can change the answer. Sometimes we get the same question, but it involves a different edition of the same policy. One of those answers agrees there is coverage, yet the other answer states there is no coverage. Both answers are correct based on the policy language involved. Many issues in insurance are governed by state statutes - claims handling requirements, data breach notification laws, condominium statutes, adjuster licensing statutes, matching statutes, and many more. FC&S provides interactive charts of these statutes for handy reference. Along with the charts, there are interactive checklists as well. The editors welcome suggestions for charts that users would find helpful. FC&S editors also provide webinars on a broad variety of topics; recordings of these webinars are now being stored on the site. FC&S prides itself on keeping up with, and staying ahead of, emerging issues. We started writing about autonomous vehicles a number of years ago before semi-autonomous vehicles were on the road. We started writing about car-sharing, ride-sharing, and home-sharing at the beginning of the gig economy and addressed the inherent insurance issues involved. We strive to provide the best content we can that helps our subscribers do their jobs, whether they’re agents, adjusters, underwriters, or in some other role. We look forward to welcoming you to our subscriber community! Christine About the author: With industry knowledge spanning 30 years, and as the managing Editor of FC&S Online, Christine is an experienced insurance professional specializing in personal lines, policy interpretation, underwriting, management, training, claims, systems development. An author of many professional publications, Christine regularly writes for Claims Magazine and National Underwriter Magazine, and regularly conducts and moderates webinars and other training. Her insurance coverage specialties include Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Auto, Crime, and Emerging Risks.

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