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Things you've (probably never) wanted to know, and (probably) should.

We see a big problem...

Have you learned anything about property insurance from any source other than insurance advertising?

Didn't think so.

Property claim resources

We didn't remember taking an 'Insurance 101' or 'Property Insurance Basics' class in school, did you?


Probably not.

For any product or service, we think you'll agree: it's a good idea for any consumer to be informed about the goods or service that they are purchasing, and the laws in place to protect the public, and govern fair commerce.


Property insurance is certainly no exception.

There is a lot more to property insurance and claims than 'saving money on your premiums'. We see the effects of coverage gaps, and underinsurance, and every day in our work.​​ From the hundreds of policies we see each year, we can tell you that the actual coverage language and exclusions in policies can vary greatly, across all premium amounts, insurance companies, and policy types.

The links below may provide some helpful resources for you, as a policyholder. Our hope is that you will make the effort to become an informed consumer... That at some point, you might feel confident to communicate and advocate for yourself if you ever have a claim. And, if you need it, you might know when and where to seek dedicated professional claim help.


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Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only. The content is not legal or insuring advice. Parker Public Adjusting does not represent any organization or government agency. Always contact a licensed attorney for legal advice, and a licensed insurance agent or broker, or attorney, for insuring advice.

Please read our full website Disclaimer for more information.

Knowledge Hub

Now, it would be a tall order to try to teach you everything we know about first-party property insurance claims, but we think these resources will help you get a great head start.

Browse our curated collection of resources for policyholders and professionals, alike.


The Information Drip

Get the latest national, and Minnesota-exclusive updates, covering first-party property claims education and tips, news, and more.

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