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📑 What is a Declarations Page, and How do I Read it?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

(🎮 #interactivelearning) Learn why “dec. pages” for Commercial, Homeowners, Townhome/HOA, and other property policies are important to you!

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Most people aren't exactly excited about insurance, so we thought this might inspire you to read the article.

Your property policy starts with your Declarations Page

In this article, you'll learn about something called a Declarations Page, which are a section of property policies.

I know... At this point, you may be thinking:

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"Yay. Insurance."

But trust me: making the effort to be an informed insurance consumer is important. I see the results of coverage gaps, and underinsurance every day, in my work as a public insurance adjuster.

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"I had no idea I had that exclusion in my policy... How can I afford this claim?"

Now that you know the importance of the topic, let's first look at the basics of an insurance contract, commonly known as an insurance policy.

Yes, your insurance policy is a contract. Treat it like one!

Would you agree that it's probably a good idea to read, and review a contract, before you sign it? Well, many people have never read their Homeowners, Commercial, or Businessowners policies, and those are all contracts. Today, is a great day to start that habit!

Have you ever read your entire policy?

  • Yes! I read my entire policy every year.

  • Sort of, I do review the summary packet and dec. page.

  • No. It's challenging to understand; didn't know to read it.

Explore this interactive mockup of a Homeowners Declarations Page!


This is for general informational purposes only, and is not legal or insuring advice!

This is a simplified mockup of a fictitious Homeowners insurance declarations page, and does not contain every variable your property policies' declarations pages might have.

Every declarations page can look different, and be structured in different ways, depending on the type of property insurance, the insurance company, your chosen coverages, and more.

For for your own property insurance, be sure to connect with your licensed insurance agent or broker if you have specific questions about your declarations page and/or policy.


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